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If you turn on the television or open your Facebook or Twitter feed you are accosted with a stream of disrespectful, dishonest and destructive news about the 45th President of the United States, Donald J Trump. America Fighting Back PAC has been created by a group of President Trump’s most committed supporters to fight this vile and uncalled for propaganda. 

The main purpose is carry out a National Messaging & Public Relations Campaign to facilitate and grow a national grassroots movement of educated and informed voters to engage and fight for the President’s policies and freedom agenda to win in 2020.  The American people are tired of party politics and are looking and asking how can I be involved and what can I do to effect change and fight back against the liberal onslaught now attempting to overwhelm our culture to the detriment of America’s economic stability and the role faith and family.

Messaging and communications is paramount to reaching and creating an informed electorate.  Comparing and contrasting Capitalism vs. Socialism, reinstating the Faith Based Initiative via President Trumps directive, highlighting the new “Opportunity Zones” (per the Trump tax cuts), empowering an influential group of business, community and faith based ambassadors or “Truth Squad” for media access, working with like-minded conservative organizations, Members of Congress and influencers of all walks of life is needed now.

The propaganda war of the progressive left must be countered and exposed to win the war for the hearts and minds of America.  America Fighting Back is in a unique position to reach folks on a national level with our message of America’s greatness and America’s goodness.

AFB has assembled an amazing group of marketing and social media and grassroots experts dedicated to our nation, President Trump and his agenda.  We are combining this media and marketing talent with the resources of millions of Americans to build a wall of truth, reason and messaging to counter the unhinged media and Washington political class.  We respectfully request that you join us in our efforts to fight this evil.  

Now that Nancy Pelosi is again Speaker of the House, there is no secret that she and the democrats will try to continue to resist and investigate our president in their attempts to destroy his ability to lead and win in 2020 and impeach him if they feel they can get away with it.  We the American people must work together to fight back and stop the insanity.

 President Trump needs us all to work together to not allow the lies and misinformation of the leftist onslaught to destroy our great nation.  Let’s be honest, their end game is control, power and implementation of a radical socialist agenda that will destroy opportunity and the private sector initiatives that have made America exceptional, free and the land of opportunity for all.


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