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Lori Klein Corbin

Lori Klein Corbin is Executive Director of America Fighting Back PAC. She specializes in promoting cutting edge technologies/strategies for non-profit issue advocacy and limited government projects. For nearly two decades she has labored to manage and pass voter initiatives to protect Arizonans and their rights.

Lori was charged with putting on the first Trump Rally in July of 2015 in Phoenix for then candidate Donald J. Trump.  Her enthusiasm about his candidacy and now presidency led her to run for AZGOP National Committeewoman.

She was subsequently elected to serve Arizona as the GOP National Committeewoman in 2016 which is a four-year term expiring in 2020. She was elected to the Arizona State Senate in Legislative District 6 in 2010 and served one term in the Senate with distinction as a strong fiscal and social conservative – introducing some of the most sweeping legislation to protect state sovereignty, end the income tax, choice in education to empower parents to take over failing schools, protection of the rights of homeowners, authored the (de-regulation bill of a decade) regulatory bill of rights to protect business when government drags it feet and encumbers business in the permitting process, SB 1598.  She stood for freedom and the constitution defending our 1st and 2nd Amendment whenever it was challenged.

Her conservative resume is quite extensive. She served as the Executive Director and Director of Development for The Health Care Freedom Act which was on the Arizona November 2010 ballot and was passed by nearly 57% of the voters. This initiative was designed to protect Arizona residents from nationalized healthcare like “Obamacare.”

She was the Executive Director and Spokesperson for Proposition 207 which passed with 65% of the vote in 2006. Prop 207 provided protection for private property owners from government takings by eminent domain or excessive regulations. Thanks to these efforts, Arizona now has the strongest private property rights in the nation.

Ms. Klein served the National Director of Development for Americans for Fair Taxation from 2002–2006. She worked as the Executive Director and then the Director of Public Affairs for the Arizona School Choice Trust in 1998 and served for six years as Chairman of its Advisory Board.

She was the Executive Director of the Taxpayer Protection Alliance in 1999–2000 which spearheaded Proposition 107, a ballot initiative that would have eliminated the Arizona state personal and corporate income tax over the course of four years, making Arizona competitive with Nevada, Washington and Texas in attracting business.

Prior to moving to Phoenix in 1994, Lori worked for US Term Limits from 1991 – 1993 and The Washington Times from 1983-1988 as Director of Public Relations.  She worked at the RNC in Research in 1979-1980. She worked off and on Capitol Hill and represented free market clients and principles to include The Nicaraguan Resistance, American Resort and Residential Development Association, Keene – Shirley and Associates and Retired General John K. Singlaub (Western Goals).

Ms. Klein has been active in the Arizona Republican Party as a Precinct and state Committeeman and as a former member of the Ponderosa Republican Women and currently with the Yavapai Republican Women of Prescott.

Ms. Klein Corbin is married to Robert K. Corbin former Arizona Attorney General from 1979 – 1992 and then President of the NRA in 1992 – 1994. She has three sons who are presently attending college and working in Arizona.  

Current Board Affiliations:

  • Americans for Fair Taxation (AFFT Grassroots Board Member)  
  • The Orange Coalition (Board Member)
  • The Center for Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Enterprise
  • The Western Center for Journalism (Board Member)
  • The Western Conservative Conference (Board Member)

Former Board Affiliations:

  • Advisory Board for Arizona School Choice Trust (Chairman)
  • Arizona Federation of Taxpayers (Board Member)