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Todd Cefaratti

Todd Cefaratti is Chief Strategist of America Fighting Back PAC. For most of the past decade, Todd Cefaratti has been a strong voice for conservative America. In 2009, he founded, the largest national nonprofit tea party organization in the country with more than nine million members. While serving as the organization’s Director he and others lobbied on Capitol Hill for policies supporting the organization’s desire for limited government. Additionally, he hosted Tea Party caucus meetings with House Representative Michelle Bachman, Tim Huelskamp and Senators Mike Lee and Rand Paul.


In 2011, Todd was personally selected and hired by Newt Gingrich to revive his 2012 presidential campaign. He stepped into a national campaign that was raising just $400,000 a month and in only 60 days took their online fundraising efforts to over $3,000,000 per month. Furthermore, Cefaratti’s implemented program saw Newt’s Presidential poll numbers jump from below ten percent to over 40 percent in just 60 days from the onset.


In 2012, Todd turned his attention back to Tea Party interests and founded the Tea Party Leadership Fund, which became the largest Tea Party PAC operation in the country. Serving as the PAC’s director, he worked tirelessly to raise funds for conservative candidates running for election and increase the visibility and viability of Tea Party concerns. Cefaratti cemented relationships with nearly every republican Representative and Senator in Washington, DC as well as the RNC, ACU and the Trump 2020 campaign and many other top conservative groups.


Always looking for ways to give conservatives a voice, during his tenure with the Tea Party Leadership Fund, Todd founded a national conservative media and social media corporation 2014. As CEO of Red Audience, LLC, he guided the company to a successful platform with over nine million followers. Never one to tire of the cause, Todd has also developed and run a number of successful news media entities. With a combined 60 million-page views per month, these sites include Tea Party News Network (TPNN), Right Alerts and eHeadlines.


Todd graduated from UCLA with a degree in economics and business as well as Harvard Business School where he studied digital marketing.