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  • Scaramucci Assembling Anti-Trump Ex-Cabinet Members, Trump Shoots Him Down as a ‘Nut Job’ August 19, 2019
    “The Mooch” keeps coming back for more. Anthony Scaramucci, one-time White House communications director and supporter of President Donald Trump who’s turned into a vocal opponent, was on CNN Monday to pitch the idea of getting former Trump Cabinet officials together to attack the president in the 2020 election campaign. The words were barely out… […]
    Joe Saunders
  • Illinois Dem Forced To Apologize for Mock Trump Assassination. Kellyanne Conway Wants Media Action August 19, 2019
    A fundraiser for an Illinois Democratic lawmaker just gave America a taste of how ugly the 2020 presidential campaign is likely to get: Supporters of state Sen. Martin Sandoval actually staged a mock assassination of President Donald Trump by a man with a fake automatic weapon. Sandoval was forced to apologize for the Friday night… […]
    Joe Saunders
  • Stunt of the Day: Beto Visits Gun Show Right After Calling for Gun Confiscation August 18, 2019
    I’ll give it to Robert “Beto” O’Rourke: When it comes to getting attention for no good reason, he’s actually pretty darn good at it. Beto supposedly “restarted” his campaign on Thursday. It would be a bit more accurate to say that after spending a solid part of the month feigning fulmination in his home town… […]
    C. Douglas Golden
  • Maher Doubles Down on Wish for Recession, This Time to Save the Planet and Endangered Animals August 18, 2019
    I know I’ve heard people say that we need to make economic sacrifices in order to save the environment. I’ve never heard anyone specifically say we need a recession to save the planet, or at least endangered animals. Even Greta Thunberg seems a bit too sensible for that. But lo: That’s why we have the… […]
    C. Douglas Golden
  • Epstein’s Own Lawyers Revolt, Move to Challenge Autopsy Conclusion August 17, 2019
    Lawyers for late financier Jeffrey Epstein are not happy with the autopsy conclusion of the New York City medical examiner’s office and have issued a challenge demanding answers and accountability. The chief medical examiner concluded that Epstein hung himself in his own jail cell, ending his life. Several question marks still hover over the controversial… […]
    Jared Harris