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The latest Donald Trump news and updates from America Fighting Back PAC.   We must protect Donald Trump and his agenda from impeachment.

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  • Leftist Calmly Takes Down Cruz Signs, Suddenly Appears Possessed & Charges Owner October 18, 2018
    To say that the left has not been handling well the election of President Donald Trump and the control of Congress by Republicans — not to mention the prospect that Republicans could maintain control after the midterm elections — would be a massive understatement. Liberals have become an “unhinged mob” in recent weeks and months,… […]
    Ben Marquis
  • Warren Finally Gets Spot in Native Museum… Right Next to Trump October 18, 2018
    During a rough week for Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, there’s been an unexpected turn. In the midst of the controversy surrounding the Democrat’s long-time claims of Native American ancestry, and her revelation of DNA results of 1/1024 Native American DNA, there was at least one news item that might excite the Harvard professor-turned-liberal lawmaker. For about… […]
    Kara Pendleton
  • With 1 Statement Trump Had Caravan Organizer in Custody & 3 Countries Desperately Trying to Stop Immigrants October 18, 2018
    President Donald Trump has Central American countries desperately scrambling to stop a caravan of illegal immigrants moving steadily toward the United States after Trump threatened to stop giving them aid if they refuse to stop it. On Tuesday, Trump explained on Twitter that El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, where the caravan originated, would lose payments… […]
    Malachi Bailey
  • Trump Keeps Huge Promise: Demands Cabinet Shrink Gov’t by at Least 5% October 17, 2018
    President Donald Trump ran for office on a promise to “drain the swamp,” and a rather significant part of that is getting rid of the incredibly “swampy” waste, fraud and abuse that seems to be inherent in the government’s bloated budget. There have been some grumblings from staunch fiscal conservatives that Trump hasn’t done enough… […]
    Ben Marquis
  • Trump-Hating Alec Baldwin’s New Show Literally Couldn’t Have Ranked Lower in Ratings October 17, 2018
    He’s portrayed President Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live” and has made no secret of his disdain for the commander in chief. However, when it comes to how to really draw in a crowd, he may wish to take a few pointers from his foe, who continually packs the house at campaign rallies. Actor Alec… […]
    Kara Pendleton