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  • Research Firm That Predicted Trump’s 2016 Win Says He’s in for a Massive 2020 Victory March 22, 2019
    While polling over President Donald Trump’s favorability and job approval continue to paint a rather dismal picture for the incumbent heading into the 2020 election cycle, the incredibly robust economy could very well “trump” those opinion polls come Election Day. Such was the report from Politico on Thursday, in light of recent predictions by economists… […]
    Ben Marquis
  • Watch: Kellyanne Conway Boldly Defends Herself, Tells Husband ‘You Air Your Grievances in Private’ March 22, 2019
    White House adviser Kellyanne Conway had the perfect response to the ongoing feud between her husband, George Conway, and President Donald Trump. “Your boss is calling your husband a whack job,” Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo said on Thursday during a segment with Conway. “What’s going on?” “My husband also has been very critical of the… […]
    Malachi Bailey
  • Sheriff Clarke: ‘Trump is Right. McCain is a Rat B******’ March 21, 2019
    The establishment media went after President Donald Trump for saying he wasn’t a fan of the late Sen. John McCain, but Sheriff David A. Clarke pointed out the real reason the left loved the Arizona senator. “John McCain’s hands are dirty. He’s a snake,” Clarke tweeted. “Dems and lib media only like him because he… […]
    Malachi Bailey
  • Collusion Bombshell: Ukraine Opens Investigation into Hillary Getting Illegal Help from Former Soviet State March 21, 2019
    Collusion. You’ve heard that word hundreds of times since Donald Trump was elected, with the implication that the president’s campaign team actively worked with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton. But what if it were actually the other way around? A stunning allegation from the Russian-speaking country of Ukraine is now suggesting that it may have… […]
    Benjamin Arie
  • News Legend Ted Koppel Takes Huge Stand Against Anti-Trump NYT, Lib Reporters March 21, 2019
    Former ABC News star Ted Koppel has confirmed that the establishment media is out to get President Donald Trump and that journalism is no longer the “reservoir of objectivity” that it once was. Koppel made the comments were made earlier this month at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington. “I’m terribly concerned that when… […]
    Malachi Bailey