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  • MSNBC Now Pushing Idea Trump Wasn’t Actually Elected…At Least Not ‘Democratically’ December 13, 2018
    There are some in the left-wing media who still, over two years after the presidential election, have not come to terms with the fact that President Donald Trump fairly and legitimately defeated Hillary Clinton. Indeed, the constant chorus of “Russian collusion” and other unsubstantiated nonsense are all part of an effort to delegitimize Trump’s victory.… […]
    Ben Marquis
  • We Asked a Campaign Finance Expert About Trump’s Alleged Felonies. He Shredded Them December 13, 2018
    Donald Trump is in trouble, at least if his opponents are to be believed. After over a year of behind-the-scenes investigating, the dragnet under the direction of Special Counsel Robert Mueller has started to close around some of the president’s closest advisers, and leaks of information now give us clues about Mueller’s strategy. At the… […]
    Benjamin Arie
  • Trump Ruins Spoiled Reporters’ Holidays by Nixing WH Christmas Party They Love So Much December 13, 2018
    President Donald Trump did what he does best this week — he wound the left-wing, establishment media into a tizzy. How? He canceled their fancy White House Christmas party. According to Fox News, the Christmas party tradition has evolved over time. Initially, it was just one party for the press to mingle with members of… […]
    Kara Pendleton
  • Geraldo Cut Avenatti Down to Size and the Creepy Porn Lawyer Was Not Happy About It December 13, 2018
    Geraldo Rivera slammed Michael Avenatti, the creepy lawyer representing porn star Stormy Daniels, for his failed defamation lawsuit against President Donald Trump. A court ruled Tuesday that Daniels must pay $293,052 in Trump’s legal fees as a result of her devastating loss in court. The lawsuit stemmed from Trump’s reaction to Daniels’ claim that he used… […]
    Malachi Bailey
  • Christians Nearly Wiped Out in Middle East, Trump Immediately Sends Help December 13, 2018
    Christians in the Middle East are being sent a message that help is on its way from the United States after President Donald Trump signed a new law on Wednesday. H.R. 390, the Iraq and Syria Genocide Relief and Accountability Act of 2018, specifically addresses the genocide of Christians and other religious minorities in the… […]
    Kara Pendleton